pad 23

So yeah. Sweet name. Web developer. Pissed off with people who choose Wix and other dark systems over supporting someone's hard earned career with open standards. Happy with his tools though: Ruby on Rails, WordPress and Eleventy. TextMate user. • Otherwise it's all DJing, gaming and riding bikes. Was gonna take up surf skate; figured I'd better get good on my bike first. • Currently playing Final Fantasy XV. Nah, not the anime; not yet. Game first then DLC. • Illustrate a bit. • Working on a user tool for shopping locally. E-mail still rocks, as do spreadsheets, as do people who can code and as does not having a cynical backup plan. • Amazon Music has more tracks than Apple or Spotify or Qobuz or Bandcamp or Tidal or Deezer. Do their recommendations beat those others? • Still learning JavaScript and Ruby. Kinda like PHP. MySQL has never blown up for me. SQLite can work in production. • Mac user since 1998. Remember Hotline? Loved Hotline. Soulseek is similar but lacks the cool soundset and user icons. • Wanna play Cuphead. • Hip-Hop; DNB; Techno; House; Trance; Hard Rock; Metal; Folk; Dubstep; Ambient; Experimental; Gothic; New Wave; Thrash; Doom; Space Rock. • Feature creep sucks. Focus. • Photographer. Got a Lomo in the post. • Audiophile, love iFi (no typo). Traktor DJ. • Ridge Raceeeeer! wipEout veteran. • This domain contains personal opinion and fact. Stories are my own. No shit sandwiches. • Pay out to play out.